7 Foods to Lower Your Blood Pressure

About one in three American adults have high blood pressure. And, unfortunately, there’s no magic- bullet food that can lower it. However, certain foods can help. Start with walnuts. Eating a half cup of walnuts daily has been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and even shrink your waist. Walnuts contain healthy … Read more

How to Grow Your Hair Back Naturally!:My Journey to the Fountain of Youth anti-aging well

Hello, everybody hopes you’re having a wonderful day. My name is Chris Gault, I’m the author of my journey to the Fountain of Youth. It’S my personal journey. It’S a book! That’S about my personal journey, where I look to the internet to find tips from great techniques in order to look and feel as … Read more

Healthy Eating Portion Control

The Ideal Method to Prevent Back Pain

Foods rich in antioxidants in every meal, The postprandial state ( after a meal ), is a prooxidative state which means that free radicals form in the body after every meal due to food processing. That’S why it’s not enough to have a bowl in the morning, berries to meet our minimum daily antioxidant needs … Read more