How to treat Sacroiliac Joint and lower back pain – Kinesiology Taping

Next, we’re gon na look at a patient of presents of sacroiliac joint pain. What I’ve got my patient? I’Ve got free of silver stars localized around this area, so patients can present with sij pain in this sort of area. The PS is an inferior would be where the joint plane is. So if … Read more

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Rheumatoid Arthritis FAST!

Hello, my friend. Do your friends and family think you are a lazy person? Is your back pain so severe that it makes you bedridden? If you suffer from RA in the lower spine, You are not alone. Our charity Farida asked for a natural way to treat this problem. Imagine how much better you … Read more

Top 10 Balance Exercises for Seniors at Home. STOP FALLS.

Hi folks, I’m Bob Shrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. In our opinion, of course, Bob Top 10 balance exercises for seniors at home that stop those falls. Brad Exactly we’ve been doing therapy 20 years for me and about 100 for you, … Read more