What Entrepreneurs Can Learn About Work Life Balance

these are important to your you know employees to make sure that they’ve actually had that work like that Jeremy here become gutentag [Music] hey I notice my co-host Sam and today we’re gonna talk about the work/life balance and I know this might surprise you but Americans are taking fewer vacations they’re working longer hours does this surprise you not at all I saw a statistic where it said 38 percent of American males are working 50 hours a week or more also I see that Americans aren’t using their pto in fact over half of Americans aren’t this is paid time off it’s crazy you know what I heard about France I think I need to move cuz they capped their work we get 35 hours a week do you see how that would benefit you and your work-life balance 35 hours a week you work over 50 hours a week I do I would love to get more sleep and France also has about 11 to 13 national holidays can you imagine just getting that off not even touching your pizza oh also I had a roommate that was from Germany and I learned we learned a lot of things Hefeweizen not enough German but I did learn they work 35 hours a week and they have 24 holidays in a year Jeremy here we come good than dog and Norway also works 35 hours a week and they were also ranked third best when it comes to work/life balance Emma did you know they actually have 48 weeks of paid per ternal leave oh yeah Norway sounds like my kind of way babe we’re moving to Norway yeah so here in the States I know for single moms they actually still have to work 50 hours a week you know why that is yeah because there’s really no federal mandate that says that you have to have paid sick time alright Sam so what can we learn from all of this good question so as a business owner is so important to make sure you have the proper work-life balance and I can imagine it’s hard to not only even balance your life but even have enough balance for your employees yeah be sure to unplug get outside and as I always turn out equal balanced meals get that exercise in and I’ll also help with the work/life balance indeed all right so one of my favorite tips to give about work-life balance is reach out for support it’s definitely how I handle a stressful day at work is I rely on my friends you know go out have a chat go for a walk that’s one of my favorite things to do I’m fortunate to live in sunny San Diego where the weather allows walking every day thank you so I go out call up a friend like hey kinda had a rough day let’s go for walk you get in nature which another important thing exercise this will increase your tolerance to handle stress and also be sure to catch up on those Z’s another way to increase that tolerance for the day to day activities and stresses and maybe fire alarms that head your way in the workforce and as an entrepreneur it’s important that you do offer your employees pay time off and even bring up the conversation about how important work-life balance is even offer them a one opportunity per month as able to work remotely these are important to your you know employees to make sure that they’ve actually had that work-life balance yes and if you’re looking at your calendar and just looking at it stresses you out think about what you can do to prevent that just say no you don’t need to go to every activity and take on every work task just learn to balance it out divide and conquer yes and another tip here don’t contact your employees after work hours that’s their time respect it and they’ll of course respect you you hear that boss that’s a wrap we just compared work-life balance of other countries be sure to LIKE this video subscribe to our Channel bring that belt so you could first to know about our next video and comment below and let us know what do you do for your work-life balance this is the journey see you next time

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