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Okay, we’ve got these steps, but how do we apply them yeah? How do we put them into work? It’S great that there’s science, it’s great, that you spent 10 years setting the stuff that I really care about, that. I want to use it right, yeah and that’s the key for your listeners. Also, okay, this the science is good, but how can I apply it, and so I spent a lot of time thinking about how to apply the science bake, some of it into the book, but also, if have helped lots of companies do this. So I got an email actually just late last week, saying hey all thanks for this framework. We use it and we increased. The number of people talk to us on Facebook by 400 %, a company called Photobucket. You know they were doing things before they were doing posts using social media, but just wasn’t really working for them and so now they’ve engineered their posts. Based on the framework. You know the e for emotion, they’ve, dialed up the emotion they’re using but figuring the right emotions rather than the wrong ones: discounts they’re, framing those discounts using the rule of 100 social currency. They make some people feel special with Vanguard. I was talking about right now. They call their customers, clients you’re, my client that seems sort of special, but I called you a member suddenly now it seems much more special right than just being a client. A client is you’re over there and I’m over here you have a member we’re part of the same team. I feel much more special and so even using the language that they use to communicate. Ideas can be really key. So it’s been amazing to see companies using these ideas and really helping their products and ideas take off. I love that so the final thing I want to ask you today, because we have so many aspiring authors and authors in our audience, and you know you have this incredible class, which your book is based on and you’ve taken over a decade of research and you Put it into a book – and I also have read that you use one of my favorite techniques – reverse Engineering – that helped you kind of take all of these ideas and figure out how to formulate it in a book. So any lessons from the trenches just you know it’s a New York Times, bestseller anything that you’d want to share with someone who’s thinking about writing a book or writing their next book. I think it’s really important to have a kernel, a short version of a message. That’S easy to communicate, so one of my favorite examples is actually didn’t make it in the book. But it’s a new one. There’S a bar near my house: that’s sort of a high-end cocktail bar – and they have lots of. You know no Red Bull, no vodka, but you know egg white this and you know, couldn’t anthem and flavor that and all sorts of high-end cocktails, but they’re dozens of similar bars. So how do they cut through the clutter? How do they make sure they stick out? Where they did something really clever if three types of ice and as soon as you hear that you go three types of ice, I don’t even know there were types of ice. The ice in my freezer looks very similar to the ice in your freezer. Looks very similar, the ice I get there are three times ice. What are they? You want to know more right? What are those three types of ice and it turns out one? Is this cue block of ice? That’S stirred from the bottom up? It has no bubbles and others these small chips, that sort of form together and melt in a certain way, but they have different types of ice for different types of drinks because, depending on the drink, you’re drinking, you want different sorts of melting right. You want a faster melting or slower melting. Now, that’s a great story. It’S remarkable! You want to learn more about it, but it does something else interesting. You know, there’s a bar that has three types of ice. You know they must care about drinks right. That’S a story that proves their point. It’S like a Trojan horse story like I talked about in the book, and so I think the same thing as an author. You want to have a message that remarkable that cuts through the clutter that opens up that curiosity gap and it’s a story that carries your message for the ride. There are thousands of books out there. It’S been amazing for me trying to market this book. There’S lots of other books there on word-of-mouth or social media, but cutting through the clutter stuff and we’ve done well. We sold 50,000 copies so far around the Times best seller list really exciting, but in terms of how to do that, we had to figure out. What’S that key message yeah, and how to sharpen that message in a way that everyone remember, and so what I would say to your audience, you knows is what are your three types of ice right? What’S your memorable message that everyone’s gon na remember, they’re gon na, want to know more about they’re gon na want to hear the rest of that story and we’ll carry you for the ride. The book industry is really tough yeah a lot of it’s about getting a good advance, but your publisher not only has to like the story. They have to be able to sell that story internally, and they have to be able to sell it to Barnes and Noble and to sell it to everybody else, and so they have to have something they can remember and share, and three types of ice is a Great way to do that so figuring out those three types of ices is really key Jona. Thank you. So much for being here hang out one second before I let you go. Jonah is amazing, but he’s got so much more to offer you especially a free workbook that is at his site. Jonah Berger comm, we’re gon na put a link below this. You got to make sure and get that because it’s gon na help you take all the incredible ideas from contagious and put them to use, put them to action into your business right now. So one of the things we like to do on marietv is we like to help our viewers turn their insight into action. So here’s our challenge for you today. What’S the single biggest insight that you’re, taking away from this interview and, more importantly, what’s the action step that you’re gon na take in your business? I want to hear about it in the comments below Jonah, thanks for being here, buddy thanks for having me rockin. As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at So go there and leave a comment. Now. 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