Tune Up Your Manifestation Magnet

Tune Up Your Manifestation MagnetI remember years ago when I first heard about the need to raise your abundance vibration to attract more of what you want. At the time, I didn’t understand what this meant or how to go about doing it. I listened to Law of Attraction experts talk about positive thinking and positive emotions and I tried everything they suggested. It helped, but my life didn’t really change in any great way.

I still felt lacking, I still felt alone and I still felt powerless to truly change my life. I felt that way for a very long time. It was hard. In some ways, it felt herder keep striving for change than to simply give up and accept that ‘this is just how life is’. I very nearly did exactly that.

Since then, I’ve learned that true acceptance is the path to peace and more abundance. But it’s one thing to settle for the status quo because the battle feels too painful and quite another to live in peaceful acceptance of the abundance that already exists. They each have a very different energy vibration.

To raise your abundance vibration is to shift to a higher, faster vibration. Not just in your thoughts or emotions, but in your body.

The vibrational frequency that attracts everything to you is found in every cell in your body.

The way to raise your abundance vibration is to focus on the physical body. It’s your physical body that’s manifesting your physical reality. The clearer the energy flow in your body is, the higher your vibration will be.

Here are 5 simple ways to start shifting to a higher frequency.


If you’re reading this article, then you’re clearly breathing. But oxygen is absolutely vital for energy flow. Without enough oxygen, the vibration in your cells will slow down and they will start to die. Given that every cell is an individual power source for life, it’s vital that they receive what they need to stay healthy and vital. The healthier they are, the faster they will vibrate. The faster they vibrate, the clearer the energy flow.

To receive the full benefits of oxygen, we must breathe deeply. Most people don’t think about how they breathe and therefore the amount of oxygen that enters their body is limited. It’s important to inflate the entire lung including the lower part that is connected to the nervous system. A lot of the symptoms of anxiety can be alleviated by simply taking some deep belly breaths. As you breathe in, your belly should expand fully. As you breathe out, your belly should deflate fully.

Stop and take 3-4 deep belly breaths every hour and you will immediately feel the increase in energy that the additional oxygen will provide.

Eat Lightly

The food you eat has a massive impact on how you feel. When you eat heavy food, you’ll feel heavy. When you eat light food, you’ll feel light. There is a direct correlation between the food you eat and the amount of energy you have.

What do I mean by heavy or light food?

Examples of heavy food could include starchy vegetables, bread, pasta, meat, dairy, sugary treats, and fried food. The quantity of food is also important. Let’s think about the western Christmas dinner for a moment. It’s a veritable feast of heavy food. And what happens when everyone’s finished eating? They fall asleep. Your body literally shuts you down so it can go to work digesting and eliminating everything it cannot use. When you eat heavy food, your body needs to go into overdrive to process it. This can take many hours and expend a lot of energy. Your vibration slows as a result.

Examples of light food could include salad greens, fruit, nuts, raw vegetables, and some grains. When you eat light food, your body is able to quickly process it and return to maximum vibration.

When you eat mostly light *food, you raise your abundance vibration, feel lighter, more energized, and more vibrant.


Your body needs you to stop so it can work on repairing and restoring the health of your cells. When we’re constantly distracting ourselves with technology, running from task to task, and thinking all the time, our body doesn’t have the chance to focus on the vital systems of keeping us healthy. It will do the most vital tasks while you’re sleeping but many of the more complex tasks get left undone. Over time this creates breakages in the system and energy cannot flow correctly. Sleep is important but so is rest. Take time to sit in nature, meditate, reflect or just be. When the internal systems in your body are working efficiently, energy flows freely. The clearer the flow, the higher your vibration.

Move Your Body

We understand that exercise is important for health. There’s a saying, ‘use it or lose it’ that really applies here. But it’s also important to move so that energy doesn’t become stagnant. It’s a bit like the contrast between a flowing stream and a pond. The constant movement of a stream keeps the water clear and fresh but a pond needs maintenance as the lack of movement causes stagnation. Stagnation is slow flow and it’s the same with the energy flow in your body. Moving your body gets your heart pumping, your lungs expanding and contracting, and ‘shakes everything up. Movement is therefore vital for efficient energy flow. It doesn’t have to be high-intensity *exercise but the more you can move, the higher your vibration will be.

Check Your Posture

This is one of the most simple but powerful things you can do for yourself. When you ‘stand up straight’ you immediately increase the flow of oxygen around your body. Every organ returns to its correct position, veins can open up freely and your energy is free to flow without blockages.  Stand up, take a deep breath in, push your shoulders back to open your chest, lift your head and look straight ahead. You’ll immediately feel a sense of freedom in your body. This is increased energy flow and it’s one of the easiest ways to raise your abundance vibration.

In conclusion, bring your awareness to your body as the powerhouse of energy that it is. Pay attention to how you breathe, eat, rest and move. And always lift your ribcage up and out, pull your stomach muscles in to support your spine, and keep your chin lifted away from your chest. Practice this when you sit, when you stand, and when you walk.

With practice and awareness, you will feel lighter, more energized and you will raise your abundance vibration to attract more of what you truly want.

Tune Up Your Manifestation Magnet

It’s a great place to start …

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