Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

Here’s another THRIVE tip from Kaiser Permanente and FOX 12. >> Stephanie Kralevich, Fox 12: – A good night’s sleep can make the whole world look better. Doctors say rest prepares your mind and body to deal with life’s everyday challenges. It’s also important for your overall health. >> Tanvi Hathiwala Mukundan, MD, Sleep Specialist, Kaiser Permanente: – Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do at home to improve the quality of your sleep, such as avoiding caffeine in the evenings, avoiding evening naps, screen time in the 30 minutes before bed, alcohol, certain medications, nicotine are another big stimulant.

Also, having a relaxing environment prior to bedtime contributes to good measures in sleep hygiene. A lot of people will have a little bit of insomnia that happens when they’re stressed out. We typically describe sleep deprivation as getting six hours or less of sleep consistently per night. >> Stephanie Kralevich, Fox 12: – If you still have trouble sleeping after a month, talk with your doctor. He or she can help you diagnose the problem and determine if you need a sleep study.

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