Qi Gong Energy Ball Training for Beginners

In this lesson, I’m gon na teach you how tocreate the energy ball. It’S also called thelucky exercise, which basically means pullingenergy like elastic band or extending energyimagine. You have putty in your hand and you’reyou’re pulling the putty okay, so this incorporatesall that we’ve learned so far. The breathingtechnique, as well as the spine alignment, andthe posture and now we’re gon na, add some handmovement. So all I’m doing is just doing this. Okay. So I’m what I’m doing, let me explain: soremember we did the breathe in and then breatheout so we’re gon na use a prenatal, breathing we’regonna expand our stomach as you breathe in but atthe same time. We’Re gon na open up our hands. Soyou expand your stomach open. Your hands and thenas you move your hands back together, we’re gonnacontract our stomach, okay and then we’re gonnaimagine that there’s an energy ball in betweenyour palms. And if you do this at home for fora few times, if you’re sensitive, you should beable to feel some kind of tingling between thepalms your hands, all your fingers, some people maydescribe it as a numbness electrical sensationssome, may feel heat or pressure coolness. Okay, sowhat you’re feeling is what people may call Chiso as you do this as they come together. You shouldfeel some kind of magnetic energy sensation if youdon’t believe in Chi, it’s okay, it’s just allyour head. Just imagine just imagine, use yourimagination. So just imagine as you’re opening upthat the ball is elastic and your hands are stuckto it and you’re pulling this elastic ball biggerand bigger, so you can feel two forces happeningin the same time as you’re opening up the ballis trying to pull your hands together and thenas. You’Re moving them in together, you feel theball pushing back because it’s a rubber balland. It’S got buoyancy. It’S got elastic okay, soexpanding pulling holding that chi-chi taffyyou can imagine this Chi taffy and you’re foldingthat and then, when your is contracting same thingyou’re, squeezing this energy ball. Okay, yourhands need to be relaxed, so never completelyopen your hands and never completely close yourhands. So what I’m doing is as I’m expanding myhands. If you can see my opening slightly sothis is neutral as I’m expanding. My handsare opening slightly as I’m contracting myhands are going back to slightly contractedbut, never closed slightly contracted okay, soso, slightly open their hands slightly contractthe hands, never completely closed slightlyopen the hands slightly contract the hands, and you should be doing this at the sternum levelso. You don’t do it so high. It’S gon na make yourshoulders tired. We do it too low. You might notget the energy flowing so around your sternum. Okay. Now we’re gon na combine thebreath, so we’re going to breathein expanding expanding expandingbreathe out contracting nice andslow contracting contracting contractingokay. While you’re here kind of feel thatball feel the elasticity feel the magnetismfeel that and then expand again and contract, you got to do this slow, you got ta use yourimagination, otherwise you don’t feel youdon’t feel that much another thing that’sgoing to be helpful is imagine that you’reunderwater And you want to move as little aspossible as not to disturb the water you don’twant to make any ripples in the water, so justimagine, you’re underwater and you want to movewithout disturbing the water, make us little waterdisturbing or water noise as possible, while doingthis movement – and you Know, what’s even better isactually go into a pool, stand like this and doit and do exactly that? Try not to disturb thewater. I try to remain as straight as possible. Okay, whenever you contract move the ballround, so you can feel it feel the energymove it around. Okay, now I wanted you toadd one more thing. I wanted to add how so I’m doing it’s just how inLA, when I’m compressing, I’m how and then open – and I say la okay and that mayhelp, you feel more vibration throughout yourwhole body, because your voice is creating avibration. That will kind of loosen up. Yourwhole body activate the chi, you may feelyour hands getting even more tingly one moremagnetic more heats your hands. So if youdo this usually about five minutes intodoing, this you’ll feel your hands. Gettingpretty hot, okay, I’ll show you from the side. Okay, so you might notice that my body kindof rises a little bit as I’m spanning andit’s kind of going towards the front off myfeet my balance and as I’m coming back I’mkind of sitting back more my balance, ismore towards the heel, or maybe the otherway. Let’S say how can I go back and thenup? Some people might do this, they kind ofgo back and then up when they contract butin a very subtle way so breathe in me down. So don’t watch what I’m doing and purposely gorocking back and forth like that? That’S not whatyou want to do it’s something that just happensas you are breathing and expanding and compressing. So the purpose of this is to start to feelthe energy feel the cheap, most people findthat. It’S easiest to feel Chi in your handsbecause. We use our hands all the time, andthey’re very sensitive, and it’s where a lot ofpeople admit their Chi is through their fingersinto. Their hands, we’re actually scientificallyproven to be photosensitive with our hands. Sowe can feel photons light energy and we can alsoproject light energy with our hands. It with ourfingers there’s been a scientific research, donewith photoelectric, photon, electric cameras, thatmeasure, not heat, but measure photon, emissionslike, light emissions and they were able to findthat the most strongest photo emissions. Fromchi go masters come from. We call this swordhand position, okay, so what you’re feelingis? Actually, photon emissions from your handscombined with many other things like heat, a lotof flow electricity right, so this exercise helpsyou to start feeling the Chi in your hands. Andthe purpose is to eventually be able to feelthat it’s about your arms, your torso, your yourbody or your hips. Your legs and your feet, yourface and and also most importantly, internallyinside your body and throughout your acupuncturepoints. So in the next lesson, I’m going to sharewith you another progression of this exercise. You

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