Killer 10 Minute Ab Workout with Tony Horton

are you ready because it’s app top 10 Minute Trainer I got my good friend Jani here we got 20 moods in 10 minutes I know I said 10 we got bonus we got an extra 10 and those are free are you ready 30 seconds each JD’s all fired up first move it’s called cross crunch and we’re gonna get busy right now 30 seconds right here so what’s she working she’s working her entire abdominal plate because she’s working her upper and lower and she’s meeting in the middle you see that it’s everything all at the first move you got to love it elbows come to tie meet me here right in the middle shown the modification if you have Nikki don’t tuck that chin she knows how much I hate that chin – oh man hate that now go back to the original the old cross arm very nice few more seconds one more time nice now we got bridge crunch let’s show them that good bridge comes up do the crunch where’s that transpose go girlfriend you know if you had a baseball you put it right here all right I want your face to come to my hand lift with your core good what great thing about this move is she’s working the upper and working the glutes throwing a three-putt move here come on charge you’re gonna love that ten more seconds that’s it the important thing is I want the shoulder in the heads everything off the floor nice one more time very very good awesome we got ISO bike super slow for the people whole now you can change hold this is an oblique move okay this little simple turn allows you to work the side these are intercostal muscles this is the oblique over here on the side trust me because the upper and the lower are both working you’re working area right you feel it why cuz it’s slow it’s isolated she bring that knee in as far as she can and extending that leg straight see the straight leg I’m a fan of Escape so do that as opposed to crookedly but do your best one more time three two one you ready speed bike go same thing but faster okay two versions why because variety is the spice of fitness very nice thing and look at her brief okay if you need a break take the break these are hard especially the first couple times you do it I see get on up big turns big turns nice job look at that nice and smooth knee to elbow turn in both direction good you can bring your chin to your chest here a little bit on this one but this is the only way all right three two and tyshee so blood up all right Golden Gate show the people okay so open close in and out give you more of an angle out there good this is how I want the vast majority of youth to do this move why because you can get your legs too close to the ground vulnerable back you can hurt your back if you’re super fit and you don’t have back issues showing them good heels barely touching the floor let’s see it way out there open close and out you can even go closer than that okay would you have to have a strong core and a strong back everybody else up high go to the back to the highlands times up all right side arm old crunch show the people we have a modification we’re going to show you as well all right watch this is the move up the hand underneath the shoulder straight line spread the fingers great nice change now drop the knee show them the modification good just like that you see that little quick change you can do that as well otherwise janie back up with the action good girl haha so you can stay there nice the only way this is gonna work and preventing the sag is keeping your butt and your gut tight the whole time working our obliques here on this one as well ready three two one other side take your time here we go and reach an extent reach and extend visualize trying to get this tip up in the air or it’s going to say every crunch is working right here right in that right side perfect show the modification on this side I can even finish there because I’m your friend all right but keep this high take some of the pressure off your back still to allow you to work the same body part nice good now look at the foot staying off the floor very important want you to do that as well okay one more time perfect hip flip kick are you ready now she’s got our elbow back to the side there’s a modification here as well okay going to bring the knee in and back down knee and kick out and back down try not to make contact don’t hit my hand leave it up there you go good same thing here showing that modification drop the knee bend the knee and up she goes see that nothing to it easy to do find the one that works for you okay Jani back up for the lift the butt engage the gut okay couple more let’s see it three two other side twenty moves ten minutes you’ll gotta love it other side here we go on good it’s a two-part move she brings up the knee there it is does the kick keeps the knee contracted now those that’s the beauty of it good showing the modification alright same thing with you change go back and forth just do the modifications at first if that’s what you need otherwise you got something to work with you get stronger nice lifting that hip engaging the cuff good nice one more time and then time is up great we got hip me a plank Oh crunch coming up and there’s a modification we’re gonna show it to you watch what she does oh you see how she held that that was so perfect thank you so happy just like that now just by being in plank alone you’re working your entire core that’s the band that goes all around your body from your rib cage to your hips okay modification get on your knees elbows I meant elbows these are needs for your arms hello nice good all the way up that way you’re not working the upper body as much but you’re still engaging your obliques your entire core nice couple more down there and time nice three-point plank crunch watch what she’s gonna do here she’s in plank you go to that inside outside and up that’s point one point two one point three nice good right leg Ally get down that other need showing the modification right here right here in my hip my hip my hand and straight up that’s it look for his higher core is getting crushed right now it’s perfect keep that back foot off the ground yes nice good other side this side no modification can you do it let’s be good in and back go to one elbow then the other and back I don’t care if you start on one side of the other doesn’t matter alright I want you to come in slide the knee over and go back good shoulders over the wrist fingers spread nice looking right there that’s real work she’s doing it she can modify she wanted but she’s such a fit oh she’s gonna do it anyway alright gotta let her do it you got to do same thing with you at home okay find your groove and do that time Lowell asana let me show you this one little stretch good girl she’s very smart now he comes in and goes back you’re gonna alternate one foot than the other here’s what’s happening one foot comes in and touches the floor the other one stays off the ball we alternate two feet back and forth you got to pull those knees into the ribcage tight hold it now I’m gonna hold it for me hold come back come on hold it tight the entire core everything your whole gut every time you’re on your hands like this you’re working the whole thing all right good come on one more time than you proof and times up great next we got the dawn he’s gonna get on her elbows here we go little upward dog she’s gonna try to lift her back as hi everybody nice fight for your back as high as your butt tuck your pelvis suck it you see how that’s almost flat that’s it really hard to do here’s the modification go right down to the floor and write down that you’re modifications if you’re strong enough stay off the floor stay off laundry eight more seconds tail before nice that’s it packet eyes your butt tuck your pelvis towards your elbows good one more time mountain climber take a little break she’s gonna stretch so should you all right this is plank I’m gonna show you three different speed are you ready slow speed first take your time go slower than that if you want very important get those shoulders over the wrists and straighten your arms prevent elbows this is impossible you left let your skeleton hold your body in place all right second speed come on a little quicker now you can pick a speed I don’t care what you beat pick pick whatever works for you you can go full blast if you want which we’re gonna do right now come on run run cold mountain runner hang in there girl hang in there girl tonio got three – Superman crying we go you’re done that was good she’s yelling at me now oh my gosh mmm all right here we go Superman and crunch good again back to Superman nice look at the floor see how she looked at the floor that was perfect that was excellent nice Jamie don’t lift your head cuz you’re not working your spine here you’re working your gut now the great thing about this move is here’s the back half of your core right there now she’s working the front as you know a lot of my moves upper and the lower are involved at the same time because we only got 10 minutes to work as much of the entire ad and core areas cause this move in time you’re done one more constant you love it tick tock lift let’s see it here we go take your time over with feet up in the air here’s your range of motion watch me hand-to-hand now hit this hand and up good back and forth fight like hell to try to keep your legs straight Latta you won’t be able to do it because of hamstring tightness but that’s alright get it up over over lift Dustin aim Hey ha lift that lower half upper half is Dagon it’s right down here right now little poops you want to get rid of that pooch here’s your move right left good girl and good job all right peekaboo now on peekaboo you have to engage the upper abs and keep them watch Gennie nice and slow here and good if you lie back at all you go up and down with your upper body that’s not there the exercise is to get let’s see if your shoulders off the ground they are now shoulders off don’t touch my hand there it is now keep it up and down 56 I feel their hand I’ll make it do ten more I don’t feel it still clear great back to lower abs again right and up why she’s engaged the whole thing why not do the whole thing huh all right we got scissor crunch so get in your scissor position do your crunch come down and switch just like that two separate movements kids it’s really cool about this this one is upper this one is lower this one is opera good drive that face to my hand she is sweating and she is working and it’s ten minutes all right she’s shaking you see this that means she’s working she’s got three more good two more come on three high breathe relax your face good time last move here we go scissor lift take a second everybody at home take a second three two go everything’s up This Is It this is the coup de Gras let’s finish here we go honey good sweep the arms come around nice straight legs straight arms you’re scissoring the legs and the hands she’s 15 seconds away from being finished 20 moves 10 minutes how pretty is that fight come on you got time for one more nice work let’s hear Janie everybody what do you think of that tell me oh there you go 20 moves 10 minutes you nice job how about some more you’re looking punch you


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