How to treat Sacroiliac Joint and lower back pain – Kinesiology Taping

Next, we’re gon na look at a patient of presents of sacroiliac joint pain. What I’ve got my patient? I’Ve got free of silver stars localized around this area, so patients can present with sij pain in this sort of area. The PS is an inferior would be where the joint plane is. So if it’s low close to this area, then kinesiology taping can actually offload with pain. So, first of all, you need to get your patient into a sort of like a stretch position. So if you put your hand on to the left-hand side and just bend and just rotate a little bit, so we just tension into the tissue so using free prepared eye strips we’re going to form like a star around this sort of area. So first one just break the endless side, just tear and rip the tape. Now this one you’re just actually going to tuck under so I’m just squeeze me doing this just going to tuck under that there, like so, and I tend to apply about 75 % stretch on this like so that’s my first one, then the same again, this one’s Going to come across so I’m going to go lateral to the pain and lock that down and then apply 75 percent stretch directly over the pain like so and then the third one is going to come almost like in between these two. So I’m going to come there and then I’m just going to tuck that in now unlock it down and I’m just going to just 75 percent stretch directly over pain, this much the influence a little bit into the quadratus lumborum area like so just tuck on in You can warm up the tape for activating the glue like so and if you come another standard place times, you might notice the time just creases a little bit around here, okay and now before sacroiliac joint pain,

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