How to Lift Sagging Jowls Without Surgery

Today, I’m going to teach you the final technique in the superficial fascia series: it’s the Jowls in previous weeks. I’Ve showed you how to do the forehead. I’Ve showed you how to do the Nasolabial Folds. Now it’s the Jowls now remember before before. I show you, though, remember how to do this. Do it before your exercises, okay, you’re in level. One all you do is the Forehead release you move to level two. All you do is the Nasolabial Fold release you move to level three and then all you do. Is the Jowls release? That’S it. You do not do them all at once. Before your exercises, you just level one Forehead level, two Nasal area level, three Jowls area. Now I’m going to also probably do a couple of other ones, so you can mix and match them around. But for the moment i want you to get used to doing this. I want you to first get used to doing it and then once you get used to doing it, then i’ll put some other videos in the series so that you can just change them around every time. You do a new series, okay, so for the Jowls. What we do is we hold this area here. So these are the marionette lines. Okay, so we hold it back, hold that area back and i’m not saying stretch it back and notice. I’M not stretching my skin hold it back. You can see how gentle that is. It’S just a little hold back and what i want you to do is put your fingers in a c-shaped position and run them up your jawline. So the first one you do. You run up your jawline on the top of your Jawline, and you use this part of your finger. You do that 10 times and then the next one you run underneath your Jaw line right up to your ear, and you do that ten times. Okay, then same thing run along the top of your Jawline ten times and then run along the bottom of your jawline 10 times. You’Ve done that, so you get to the second one, and just do it a little bit deeper. Okay, just a little bit deeper when you do the second one and then the same a little bit deep and you do that 10 times change over the second time around you. Do it a little bit deeper, so you can see i’m sort of using my knuckle. A bit there and then underneath 10 times a little deeper, so you’ve started off lightly on the first time around the second time, around you’ve done a little bit firmer, you’re, not pressing into the skin and really pressing into the skin. It’S just just a little bit firmer and that way it just releases you’ll feel it releasing a bit you’ll feel it then the third time you start hatching up and down. You do that for about 30 seconds. Okay and then you go to 30 seconds and you just hatch up and down and then just get along and start doing level. Three. So that’s your level three facial release. That’S it! You don’t need to add, do the others in level three. You just do that particular one. Now what that will do when you get down to that muscle group, it will really start to help the exercises. It will really start to help your muscles in that area to be able to push them out that little bit further. I hope you understand the concept of how you work it before you do your exercises. If you don’t pop a comment in the comment box below and i’ll answer it for you now, please remember to subscribe to the channel when you do hit the bell, and that will give you the notification. So you don’t miss out on anything that i’m doing here and also remember to like the video, because that really helps okay. Now, what i want you to do is to stay safe, be well, and you have a lovely day where everywhere in the world,

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