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Hello, everybody hopes you’re having a wonderful day. My name is Chris Gault, I’m the author of my journey to the Fountain of Youth. It’S my personal journey. It’S a book! That’S about my personal journey, where I look to the internet to find tips from great techniques in order to look and feel as young as possible.

I’m almost 60 now, and so I thought that that was something that I needed to do I’m so I guess I did about two years of research and that’s what’s in the book today. What I’m going to focus on is how to grow your hair back. I don’t have a great about it here, but I had no hair on top of my head when I started my journey, I’m going to show you some clips of that are a slide that will show you my progression on how I did growing my hair back and you’ll see that – and there are basically four main techniques that I looked at, that looked like they work. One is the massage method. One is the derma roller method.

One is the immersion method and heals them on our hair masks, and then I’m also going to talk about some other tips in the hair each one of these I are going to pick each week. So this week this video is going to go on in a socket. We’Re going to talk about the massage method next week, I’ll talk about the derma roller method and so on so that you’ll get all that great content and then the video won’t be so long. So it’s sticking with the massage method. I just want to talk a little bit about what causes baldness in the first place, so that way you have an idea of how you can cure it.

So, dr Henry Troy was a corner. A few years back came up with a study, and here it is and what he did with that study is. He studied the cadavers of people who all do people, men, and women, and what in the study does include men, women and but he said the cadavers in Tallinn that the cadavers that had but had no hair or that were bald, had the sebum and calcification Sludge, that was between their scalp and their skull and the other people who have full heads of hair did not have it. So his conclusion was, you know, 100 percent of the time. If you have it you’re bald and if you don’t have it, you have hair that.

That must be the reason why you don’t come here and if you think about it you know blood brings nourishment to ourselves and if the blood can’t get up to the hair. Because of the complications in here well, sebum sludge is up there. Then you know you’re not going to get nutrients to the hair and the hair is going to grow. It’S just like if you’ve had a plot of grass and you put a thin layer of cement over that layer. In my breasts, some of the hair may come through, but it starts to die and if you put another layer on there, less hairless grass will come through and you put another layer.

Probably none of the grass is going to come through and that kind of is the same way it works with of your hair. If you start, if you cut off the blood supply to the hair, then you’re not going to be able to grow your hair, so the Kasab method he came up with and all this is there’s a great website that I found off this on called perfect hair Health calm, the guy’s name is Rob, I don’t know his last name. I don’t really know Rob, he does have a book, but he also has a newsletter. You can sign up for and a little class to help teach you how to grow your hair back. I did in fact buy his book.

I found that fascinating, there’s a lot of great stuff in, and it’s definitely worth the money because he goes into other things other than just hair. He talks about nutrition and everything else is just fascinating. So if you do want to buy it, it’s a great book, I don’t get a commission on it like I said I don’t even know Rob, but I highly recommend it because it just was able to help me get my hair back, but well he talks About there, Victoria is that you needed to do some massages to the scalp to break up that calcification get it back into where it belongs into the bone. And you wonder what happens? Well, we do get constipation everywhere, but you know if you’re moving your bones and your muscle, you have muscles on most of the part of your body.

Would you move it? It breaks that calcification up and it gets dissolved. On top of yourself, though, there’s not a whole lot of muscles so that you don’t have that movement and it’s very hard to get that calcification to dissolve so the reason the way to do it is these massages huh. So these massages are not gentle fun, easy massages, I mean these messages. Are you really have to beat up the head?

You really have to warm it up. You know you really have to run up and move it around, and then you really have to pinch. The hair this go together and then you’re doing that for a while and then you’re pushing in, like this you’re doing that and then you’re pulling you’re stretching the skin and you’re doing that all over your scalp and you’re doing it for 20 minutes and you’re going To do that once in the morning, and once at night, what that’s going to do is it’s going to break up the calcium in it’s also you’re, probably going to see crud come out of your skull there, your scalp, that’s just the sebum oil coming out! The excess hair oil – that’s nothing to worry about! You may see some of your hair go away in the beginning, mind good just because some of the hair was weak and died, and doing their aggressive massages has killed that hair off.

But the hair comes back after that. So that’s something that you want to do. I would say every day two times a day, I would suggest that you go and look at Rob’s website, perfect, hair, Ofcom. I think that you, and if you keep it up you’ll just see so the next slide I’m going to show you are, is my journey on this method. So, looking at the graph here, you can see it from day one.

I was just about completely bald at the top of my head. Eight months later, after using the technique, I had a little bit more hair growth after one year. You can see that there’s more there on top of my head and after one-half years you guys definitely see that the hair is come back and is growing in. I still have paired in the top of the front of my head to grow in, but that’s coming in a small way. Okay, so I think that’s it.

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