Hi guys welcome back to my channel, it’s been a while and I’m so sorry, it’s been like a month or something since I last uploaded a video, but you know what I’m not even going to come up with excuses and giving you false promises. So the thing is, I’m really focusing on quality content over quantity. So I was kind of thinking like I was just kind of robot doing this automatic, like videos and Instagram posts, and I was feeling so disconnected that I thought I needed to stop and rethink everything and I’m trying to focus more on my brands as well that I was kind of laughing behind me, so I’m really focusing on that. I really think it’s my future and it’s what I love to do. That’S why I took a break and are probably going to take some more break but yeah I don’t mind just my resolution. Present in a year is just to keep you guys, real and good stuff and set off a lot of stuff that I don’t believe in so because of that. I’M here today to give you guys something that you guys been requesting for a long time. Both our minds run on my youtube. You guys been requesting this for quite a while, always asking me about my workout routine. What I do, how many times, why workout so because of that, I thought of doing with you guys some kind of workout videos here on YouTube and the first one is going to be a home workout, because I know a lot of you guys don’t have like. Maybe at the time the patients are the money to get a gym membership. So that’s why I’m here, I’m gon na help you guys out so you can workout from home and be just flawless, knew your best shape. So before we move into the workout. I just wanted to give a shout out to my personal trainer and I’m gon na link here the instagrams, so you guys can follow her. She puts a lot of like workout videos, so it’s very good and if you’re from Portugal you can book a training with her. If you’re not don’t worry, I bet you can work something out. If you have any trouble, just ask me or her and we will start things out, so I really need to thank her because she helped me make this work out for you guys, because I’m not a fitness expert or anything. So I didn’t thought I was capable of coming up with this workout by my own, so yeah big, shout outs of her, and this is going to be a full body. Workout so expect to have a little pain in the neck stay on your full body. Okay, so let’s start it so this whole workout is going to be measured by time. So make sure you have your phone with you and you put on your timer and we divided this workout in three stages. So, let’s start with the first one. So, for the first stage we have four different exercises and every single one of them. You need to do it for 30 seconds. So make sure you count on your timer. The first one is squat jumps. As you know, squats we girls love them because it helps grow our butt and, like so yeah, that’s where we are going to start so far. This one make sure you spread your legs more or less. The size of your shoulder are a little bit more and make sure your knees are directed to the front and just give it a really good squat and jump. It’S as easy. As that – and you do this for 30 seconds next exercise is the jumping jacks. So this one is very easy: you jumped, so you can open your lives and then your jumps close them again and you do the same with your arms. So you do this for 30 seconds and this will get your heart pumping fast. So the next exercise is the plank jacks, and this one is similar because, although you’re in a plank, you will spread your legs and jump to close them. Just like you did on the jumping jacks, and you also do this for 30 seconds to burn those calories and for the first exercise of a sequence, you are going to do the mountain climbers, which is still on the plank like you did before. But this time your legs are just holding like you were running and once again, you’ll do this for 30 seconds and I’m sorry finish. This last exercise you’re going to move all the way to the top and do every single one of these exercises again, because this sequence needs to be done two times, but it’s two times only so yeah go ahead. Now that you done it two times and are a little bit tired, you can rest for 40 seconds before we move on to the second sequence. So for the second set of exercises, we will have only three different exercises, but we will do them three times so be ready for this. The first exercise is a squat side leg and for this one evil to a regular spot, but when you’re coming up, we are going to lift one of your legs to the side. So you can really work out that glue you’re going to do this for 30 seconds for one leg and 30 seconds for the other. Now that you finish the squat side like we’re going to move on to the lunge leg raise which is kind of similar. But this time you’re in a lunge position when you’re coming up from regular lunge you’re going to rise the leg that is behind and stretch it all out right behind you, ugh that glute again and once again, you’re going to do 30 seconds for one leg and 30 seconds, for the other, now for the third exercise of this sequence, you’re going to need to have like a table or a box or something that you can step up, and this is called the type of box. All you need to do is put one foot on top of the box or at the table, step up on that table and rise, the other foot tests on the ground and then come back down and do it all over again until you reach to 30 seconds And then is: do it again, the other way, once you end up all the three exercises, you’re going to do this full sequence again and again, you need to do this full sequence three times before we move on to our third sequence. Once you finish doing the sequence for the third time, you can rest for 40 seconds and don’t forget your water. So now we’re going to go to our last sequence. We are almost ending our workout. The first exercise of this sequence is the size playing like poop and for this one you’re doing a plank, but on your side and then you’re going to pull one of your legs up on the direction of your elbow and then stretch your leg in your arm. And then fold them again do this for 30 seconds for one side of your body and 30 seconds for the other side. The second exercise is the Superman pull and for this one you’re going to lay down on the floor or on a yoga mat you’re, going to stretch our arms by the side of your head and then you’re just going to open them. Just like a Superman and then spread them all over again and do this for 30 seconds. The third exercise is the rotation plank and for this one you’re in a plank again, but on your elbows and you’re, going to rotate your body completely to another side, then go back to the middle and do this for thirty seconds, for one side and thirty seconds For the other, then, the next exercise is playing just a regular plank. I can do it with your arm stretch or with your elbows on the floor. Whatever is more comfortable to you and you stay there for 30 seconds just to our couples at the next exercise. Eat the deeps, and for this one you will need your regular sofa or a share something that you can just grab into the Zips. So you can work out that tricep and do as much dips as you can for 30 seconds. So the last exercise is the push-ups in the beginning. You can put your knees on the floor and then, as you do and Maury going to gain more strength on your arms and ideally you’re, going to take your knees off the ground. So you do as much push-ups as you can for 30 seconds, and then you do this entire sequence. All over again, this sequence has six exercises, so you need to do them two times, and that was it if you’ve done the workout from beginning to the end. A big congrats to you, and now you need to keep on doing this workout, so you can see results. So I really want to know if you guys have done this workout if you liked it watch your reactions. If you have any questions, just let me know, and also let me know if you want me to do like a workout for the team or for any other occasion or any specific part of the body, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube. If you like my videos and see you guys soon, bye, bye,

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