Creating an Ethical Warrior | The Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course

The Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Course is a seven-week course with the end results of being an ethical warrior. An ethical warrior is a combination of everything in regards to the physical, the mental and the character disciplines of the Marine Corp’s martial arts program. An ethical warrior is an individual who emulates and lives and eats and drinks these great values we have, the core values of honor, courage and commitment. An ethical warrior is somebody that can be counted on. Instead of freezing their the first one to step up and said I got it, I’ll take care of this.

You know you can count on them because you know that person’s going to do the right thing twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five. I live my career, my lifestyle based on some of the core values and the synergies of MCMAP of the physical, mental and character disciplines; where now, it just made me a better person in general. If you’re a good person you’re most likely going to be a good leader. The purpose of me coming here is to further educate myself on how to train my Marines how to be ethical warriors. You need to push yourself enough to where you stop thinking about yourself.

It’s more about the Marines to your right and left. So even if you know you’re hurting, it’s not just about you. (Hurry up! Catch up with first squad) This is the Mecca of mentorship. We pull the best Marines get them to come here and lead and guide Marines.

and what they’re doing is no more than what the Marine Corps has already asked of them, which is to be a mentor be a leader. (Let’s go!) The IT’s here have all been through the training that we’re putting these Marines through: which is going to be our weapons sparring. They have combat conditioning hours that they have to meet. They’re gonna go through low-light engagements.

They’re also going to experience engagements in different terrains. Ultimately, our job is to build better leaders. We tell them we don’t want you to be just a great Marine, we want you to be a great man and woman first.

The program is a three-legged stool. the first leg gets the physical leg.

The second one is the mental leg, and then the third leg of the stool is the character. Beauty behind this program is you have to do all three, because if you only do one discipline it’s like sitting on a three-legged stool. If you’re only sitting on one leg, you’re gonna fall down. It’s important. This course is something the Marine Corps should not let die.

This is something that we need to continue and sending Marines here. This program has affected many people on all levels: personal…professional Just myself, it has made me a better husband, a better father, a better Marine.

..a better leader.

It’s extremely important. (No sir.

) (Do you deserve to be an IT?) (Yes sir.) (Welcome to the family. Nice job. I’m proud of you.

) (Thank you sir.).

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