35% Off Your First 4 HelloFresh Boxes

35% Off Your First 4 HelloFresh Boxes

Hey guys and welcome back to the family fudge today, I’m talking about meal planning, I’m going to show you how I like to plan an entire month’s worth of dinners all at once. I like to get my whole family involved, and I’ve set it up in such a way that it’s easy to change. Every month before we get started, and when I give a big thanks to HelloFresh Boxes for partnering with me on today’s video. The first thing you have to do is get yourself a calendar that way you can keep track of all of your meals.

Now you could definitely go to google and is print out a calendar for free or you could also use a traditional calendar or maybe a planner if you’re a planner girl like I am, but for my meal planning I wanted to use something a little bit prettier And a little bit more permanent, so I went to Hobby Lobby. I picked up this calendar.

It’s actually a magnetic dry erase board, but you know it wasn’t very expensive at all, especially if you have a coupon when you go to Hobby Lobby. So once you have your calendar ready to go, the next thing you have to do is sit down and decide what HelloFresh Boxes meals you want to make now. For me, I like to get the entire family involved, because after all, they’re the ones I’m making the meals for, and I want them to eat them. So when we’re planning out our dinners for the month, we all sit together at the table.

We have some bowls of popcorn, it’s actually a fun activity while we’re at the table. I ask every member of the family to write down or to tell me what they’d like to have for dinner. So I’m not the one picking all the dinners. My, I definitely listen to what they’d like to have now as you’re deciding what dinners you want to have. You can definitely just keep a running list on a piece of paper on this list. You can write down all of your meal ideas or you could use sticky notes, but for my calendar like I said, I wanted something a little bit prettier and more permanent.

So I think you have some of these gift tags at Hobby Lobby as well, but I’m not going to use them as gift tags, I’m actually going to snip off the end and stick a magnet to the back. That way, I can write different meals on each card and I could stick them directly on to my calendar and because they’re Madness. I can move them around if we change our minds and I can keep them and reuse them when it comes time to meal plan. Next month, if you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, here’s what you can do you can assign different nights, a theme so like on Monday nights. All from the delivery of your H̲e̲l̲l̲o̲F̲r̲e̲s̲h̲ ̲B̲o̲x̲e̲s̲, You can have breakfast for dinner theme on Tuesday. You could have a Mexican food theme. Wednesday could be Italian, Thursday could be meatless, you would have a seasonal night and I always like to plan a leftover night into each week. Another great way to come up with dinner ideas is to go to Pinterest or cookbooks or magazines.

I have my two favorite magazines right here and I’m actually going to give them to the kids and have them look through and see what interests them and here’s another tip. You guys, if you print out our recipe and you end up liking, it makes sure to add it to a recipe binder. These are really easy to make not expensive at all, but you could definitely keep track of the best recipes in your binder. You can even make notes so that you know next time what you might do differently and if it’s a recipe that you try and you end up not liking, it doesn’t leave it in the binder.

food theme

Only the recipes. You know you love to go in the binder and now it’s time to get those meals onto the calendar, but before I do that, I always like to check and see what special dates I have coming up that month: holidays vacation things like that. That way, I can meal plan around those dates. Another great option to fill in the dinners of the month is to go with a HelloFresh Boxes order. Now I’ve actually ordered some hella fresh many times and it always been super satisfied with the meals that they send.

They’re always quick and easy, and it’s super convenient because they bring them right to your door. This is a great way to actually experience new recipes that you might not have tried before now. If you’re curious about hella fresh, I do have a coupon code for you guys. All you have to do is visit HelloFresh Boxes, the command uses the code of family bud 60 to get $ 60 off. That’S $ 20 off your first three boxes. Another thing that I really like to do is let the kids take turns picking a meal each week. They love getting involved and I like knowing that, since they pick the dinner they’re more likely to eat it now all you have to do is make your grocery list, which is going to be a lot easier because you already know what you’re going to make and For me, that also includes sending, in my HelloFresh Boxes order for the days I want to have those now when it comes time to plan next month’s meals.

You could actually do so leave the plan in place and make the exact same recipes, or it’s very easy to change them out if you’d like to it’s just as easy as that, I want to give big things again to hello, fresh for partnering with me On today’s video they have lots of one-pot recipes on their menu for seriously speedy, cooking and minimal cleanup, which I love you can let HelloFresh Boxes do all the hard work, so you could just cook eat and enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time,

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