Keep Your Home Cool Tips

We, will keep an eye on this life picture coming out of Oakland. >>> super cooling might help you save some cold hard cash. >> hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars. Joe Bartel has more on that for us now. >> when you think about it you can save quite a bit of money when you turn down your air conditioner really low and here is how >> reporter: like cars on the freeway during rush hour, the power grid gets packed during the summer. So power companies sweeten the deal to get off the grid.>> it works for us. We will take the savings. >> reporter: Glenn has been supercooling his home for a few years. He drops the temperature down as low as it will go during off-peak times.

And then he turns it up during peak times. >> I think our best month was a hundred and $46 compared to the previous year >> reporter: he says between 58 and 60 degrees is the sweet spot for the average-sized home. And it will not ruin your ac if it is properly cared for. >> you are using the air conditioning the hardest during the coolest part of the day so it’s easier for it to cool down. >> reporter: things to consider are the age of the air conditioner, the size of the home, and get on a power plan that fits your individual needs. Both apps and SRP have plans that allow you to take.

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