How To Keep Your House Cool Without Ac

My Furnace – Can I be using my furnace in the Summer? Or is it something that I should have shut off? It depends on the age of the home. So all new homes now have a lot of high-efficiency furnaces that have variable-speed motors, the motors actually run 24/7. They’re always running, moving air constantly around the home, so in that case that you’ll be fine. If you’ve got an older home a lot of them came with what we call a Summer fan switch.

That Summer fan switch is located sometimes you have to pull the cover off of the furnace and there’s a switch right in the front or where some manufacturers have one the side. It’s just a little toggle switch on the side if you wanted to you could run that through the Summer some people call it like cheap air conditioning kind of thing. You can do that and what that generally does is it just basically takes the air from the outside and the basement and kind of forces it around the home.

Cools the house off just a little bit. It will work for a period of time so that’s certainly one option if you wanted to run the Summer fan switch. A lot of the older homes will have it and like I said a lot of the older furnaces now it’s all built-in and the furnaces are running constantly all the time.

If I have an A/C do I have to have my furnace running in order for my A/C to work? Yes! Your furnace control for your furnace is basically on the same panel like the one for the air conditioner. You will turn on the air conditioner, which will disable the heating part of the of the furnace and the air conditioner on. So I don’t have an option of shutting down my furnace for the Summer and trying to run my A/C? If I have an A/C you have an AC your service switch is on and you know what I always tell homeowners to leave the service switch on all the time.

Just turn your thermostat down to 16 or whatever for the Summertime. There’s no reason to turn off the service switch really for the Summer. The only time the service really gets turned off is usually when someone’s doing maintenance to the furnace, the gas company’s doing something whatever. But for the homeowner leave the service switch on…

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