Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

Hi, I’m consumer expert Jeanette Pavini with just one thing to do to save money. Install window coverings to south and west facing windows. Keep them closed especially when running the AC. When possible, delay chores which produce heat such as dish washing, laundering and cooking until cooler times of the day or night. Set … Read more

The Hidden Electrical World Inside Your Body

The Hidden Electrical World Inside Your Body

One of the things that makes the sense of touch so amazing is how it’s actually multiple senses wrapped into one. If I take any given object around the studio here, I can detect the object’s temperature and I can run my fingers over it and pick up the shape. With a little more sensation, … Read more

Martial Arts Training With An Injury

If you are like myself and a wide community of martial artists, then you know that martial arts isn’t simply an extracurricular activity, but rather it’s a part of who you are. If there is anyone word that can strike terror in the heart of even the most dedicated martial artists or any athlete for … Read more

6 Scientific Tricks To Make You Happy

What’s the most important thing in life, contrary to popular opinion, it’s not money fame, nor even power, it’s happiness. This is all you really need to enjoy a high quality of life, plain and simple. There are plenty of people around the world who live in third world countries with nothing more than the … Read more

What’s the Best Position to Sleep in? Do we even need a Pillow?

Will the real Randy Gardner please stand up? In 1964, high school student Randy Gardner successfully stayed awake for 11 days and 24 minutes, setting the world record for the longest a human has gone without sleep. Over the several days awake, Gardner experienced everything from mood changes, memory lapses, random hallucinations to temporarily losing … Read more

Happy And Cooking Delivered To Your Door

Happy And Cooking Delivered To Your Door Hello Freshness

2021 has actually shown up, Start your cooking adventure today as well as this year I’m identified to end my reliance on take-aways and ready-meals as well as occupy cooking as well as eating healthier dishes, with a far better balance of fresh active ingredients. I’m fed up with nodding off right into a food … Read more

My Morning Routine – Healthy and Productive Habits

Watch The RoyalStock Bundle In Action

So this is probably the most requested video thati get asked to make it’s the daily morning routinevideo and it’s interesting because it’s probablynothing what you would expect it to be and thisis a realistic genuine morning routine that i doseven days a week. Nothing added nothing taken away! I’Ve designed my morning routine to … Read more

Tips for Getting a Good Nights Sleep

How To Keep Your House Cool Without Ac

Here’s another THRIVE tip from Kaiser Permanente and FOX 12. >> Stephanie Kralevich, Fox 12: – A good night’s sleep can make the whole world look better. Doctors say rest prepares your mind and body to deal with life’s everyday challenges. It’s also important for your overall health. >> Tanvi Hathiwala Mukundan, MD, Sleep Specialist, … Read more

Sleep Hygiene – How to Sleep Better!

we explain how you can get a better night’s sleep again this is Simon Simon has trouble sleeping at night he can’t get any shut-eye so in the daytime he can hardly focus and is constantly tired which puts him in a lousy mood he wonders how he can get rid of his problem what … Read more

4 Tips For Achieving Work-Life Balance | Money | TIME

instead of trying for a work-life balance everyone always discusses it like it should be compartmentalized to me I think work-life balance is what you make of it it’s not as strict as work nine-to-five have your family in the evenings if you really want something you want to start a business you can balance … Read more