4 Lower Body Strength Exercises for Older Adults

Sandy: Now we're moving on to strengthening
the lower body muscles. Thighs, calves,
abdomen or abs. This helps Irene,
with balance and endurance. – And, for getting
around walking and doing things
you have to do for other people, you know,
you've got a lot to do for everybody else
besides yourself. – We're going to be
working the glutes in the rear and lower back. What we're going to do first, is we're going to do
the Back Leg Raise.

Ok, so you've got your hand
positioned perfectly, feet shoulder width apart, ok? Abs in, shoulders back,
head up, now, this is not only good
for balance, endurance and strength,
look at your posture, perfect! That's how I want you
to walk down the street later today, ok? – Yeah. – Ok, here we go,
take that left leg, soften the right one,
and take it back, and bring it down, you're going to hold
each repetition for one second
in the up position, now, when it gets easy
to do ten to fifteen reps, that means
that you're progressing, so what you can always do,
is add a little bit more weight, or a few more reps.

We're going to do
three more of these ok? – Ok. – Let's look at your form,
you're looking good! – I can feel it, I'm going to be looking
real good when we finish this! – Take it, don't forget
to hold that second there! Ok, bring it down. Can you straighten
that leg for me on this one? Can you feel it a little bit
more in your glutes? – Oh, it feels good,
I'm telling you, this is good stuff! – Take it down,
one more time, ok, now you know what we have to do,
that other leg. – Ok. – Let's switch places.

– Good idea, let's see what we've got
going on over here. – Ok, let's make sure we've got you in good position. Ok, now, we're going to
turn you just a little bit, here, perfect,
shoulder width apart, right, abs in,
shoulders back, head up. Now, soften that plant leg
for me, and then, raise the other leg,
hold, bring it down, good, I like the way
that you're keeping that leg straight this time! – Ok. – Can you feel it
working those glutes a little bit more? – Oh, yeah! Oh, I'm going to be looking good! This is a good thing,
you know, I know I'm doing
something good for myself. – Ok, let's do five more. – Ok. – Now, remember,
ten to fifteen on one side, rest, ten, fifteen,
ten to fifteen more. – That's all, you know. – And then switch sides. – I'm going to be
doing this all the time. – Let's do four more. Now, hold steady here. – I believe
that was fifteen. – Ok, let's take it up
one more time.

– Ok.
– And you're done. – Alrighty! You know that was good,
that was good. – You did, fantastic. – Oh, feels good! The Side Leg Raise
works the hips, the glutes, and the thighs. Now, Irene is going to
demonstrate this. Irene,
this is a great exercise because it's not only
strengthening, but also works your balance
and stability. What I'd like you to do,
I want you to stand with your hand,
just as you've got it, right here on this table,
or counter. You're going to
draw your abs in, always draw your abs in, that helps with your stability
and balance. You're going to pull
your shoulders back, now, I want you to your leg
out to the side keeping your toe
facing forward. Bring it back down,
perfect, take it out again, we're going to do this
ten times.

But normally,
no tears here, normally, take it up, hold for
one second, take it down, normally you would do it
ten to fifteen times, take a rest and then do
ten to fifteen more times. – Was that ten? – Not yet.
– Fifteen? – We've got five more. Now, what I want you to do,
if this is too easy, you can always add
an ankle weight, Irene. – Oh, no, you're not
going to put that on me! – Not yet,
but your form is good, so be sure you, that sometimes
you can challenge yourself, ok? So, if it gets too easy,
and let's go ahead and stop, that was great! Now, the other leg. Hand over here
on this counter now. Draw the abs in, let's get
that positioning again, feet shoulder width apart,
shoulders back, nice straight back,
and take that leg up and bring it down,
I'm going to hold on too. Take it up again,
that's three, so we're going to do ten,
once again, how many are we
going to usually do, ten to fifteen? – Ten. – Or fifteen,
let's take it up and so what you want to do, ten to fifteen
on one side, rest, then ten to fifteen more.

Then switch legs, ok? – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – You have five more? – Oh, it's so fun! – I knew you'd like this. Feel it working
in the hips? – I feel it! – I can feel it too,
so, how about two more? – Ok. – Last one. – Oh my! – Good job!
– I think so! – This next
lower body strength exercise is the Chair Stand. Mitter here
is going to help demonstrate. – So it's time
to work the stomach muscles! – Well, to be precise,
we going to work the abs, and the thigh muscles. So, what I want you to do,
position your feet, shoulder width apart. – Like this. – Perfect,
draw the abs in tight, shoulders back,
nice straight back. Ok, cross your arms, now if you have any back
or knee problems, you should probably
talk to your doctor, but you're ok
with that, right? – I'm fine!
– Ok, let's lean back, draw the abs in tight,
here we go, bring it up, take your arms out,
so they're parallel with the floor,
breathe out on the up.

– Ok. – And take it down,
breathing in as you go down, once again, cross the arms,
lean back, here we go. You can do this
ten to fifteen times, rest, and then do it
ten to fifteen more times. – Uh-huh. – Ok, here we go,
take it down. – Like this? – Perfect! And lean back, feel those ab muscles
kicking in? – I do, I do.
– Great. Arms out, parallel to the floor,
breathe out, hold, here we go, breathe in, cross your arms, lean back, here we go, take it up, down, cross your arms,
lean back, and take it up, here we go, back down, how are the legs feeling? – Pretty good, I think this is strengthening
my stomach muscles as well. – Good. Let's take it up, and take it down, four more? – Yeah, I can do that! – Ok, great! – Bring it up.
– Right.

– Take it down, three more to go. Bring it forward. – Right. – Are you holding
those abs in tight? Take it up, and take it down. – That's good.
– Your form is very good. – It feels good. – Ok, arms out, take it up, take it down, bring it up, down, cross, back, relax. How's that feel? – Pretty good,
a little tired, but feel good. – That's good! – Especially my muscles
in my stomach, they feel strong. – Good! That's what we wanted to do, how do your legs feel? – Pretty good,
strong, feel strong.

– Okay. Now remember, three times a week you can do this. – I can do that.
– Ok. – Thanks, Sandy. The final lower
body strength exercise is the Toe Stand. You can do this
pretty much anywhere, as long as you have
a sturdy chair nearby. This exercise is going to work
the calves and the ankles, which is going to help you
with walking. Ok, so let's find
a sturdy chair. – Thank you. – And what
I'd like to do is, position your hands here, perfect. Feet shoulder width apart. Abs in. Shoulders back, head up. And what we're going to do
is we're going to take it up, we're going to hold it,
for ten seconds. So, up on your toes. There we go,
hold it for 10, 9, and as you're doing this, we're working
those calf muscles and ankles. Can you feel it?
– Absolutely. – And let's go ahead
and take it down.

And now, take it back up. So, ten to fifteen times,
then you would take a rest, and then do it
ten to fifteen more times. – Ok.
– Yeah. Now,
when you're doing this, try not to lean on the chair, you're just leaning,
just a tiny bit. And because
what we want to do, is we want your calves
to be doing all the work and lift it up, and hold. That's good. And take it down, and take it down. You've got five to go. And hold, and take it down. And up, now, once again,
ten to fifteen and then you would get a rest, and then you would do
ten to fifteen more, ok? – Ok.
– Take it up and hold it, and three more
after this one. – Alright. – And two more, and last one, for 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, last 4, last 3, 2 and 1. – Great, thank you very much. – You're welcome..

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